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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Improve Your Rank => Improve Traffic => Earn More

Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

We all publishers have heard of Alexa Rank( mostly at our Ad rendering site eg. Adbrite). So what is Alexa and how important role it plays in our earning potential? How to use it to turn the tables in our side?

Alexa is company that gives all the websites a type of ranking that shows how popular the particular website is. This alexa traffic rank is based on the number of alexa toolbar users who visit that website. You see its alexa toolbar users which define our rank not regular visitors. Thats a most important fact and folly of this rating system which we have to use it to our favor.

Need Of Good Alexa Ranking

Now whats really a need to have a good Alexa Ranking? Many advertisers consider alexa ranking for advertising on a blog. Many ad networks also consider alexa ranking when estimating a site’s capabilities. And last important thing if you have a good alexa ranking then this will certainly impress your readers.

Do this now.

First of all, if you use firefox, you must install a good addon so that you can find your alexa ranking anytime. A good addon can be Search Status that not only tells you the alexa ranking but also the page rank of the site(page). Or else if you use I.E then install Alexa Toolbar.

After this, you can set your blog as the home page of your browser.

Through your blog suggest your readers to install the alexa toolbar. Doing this can surely increase your ranking because these readers will come again and again to your site. So if they have alexa toolbar your ranking will only go up.

Lastly after downloading Alexa toolbar visit all my blogs regularly. :)
And keep commenting.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

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